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Testing Dates 2020-2021 coming soon

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This table identifies testing windows for state mandated assessments this spring.  School specific schedules will be communicated from each school to parents before testing.       


Refer to the Colorado Department of Education 2021 Tentative Dates


Footnotes associated with the schedule: 

*  Federally mandated tests: English Language Arts & Math in grades 3-8 and one time in high school, science one time at elementary, middle and high school; language proficiency test for English Language Learners (ELL) that are non- or limited-English proficient whether in an ELL program or not.

1  Alternate ACCESS, DLM & CoAlt tests are available per Individual Education Plan (IEP) eligibility to participate in an alternate assessment in place of the associated test.

2  Social studies test will be administered on a sampling basis to one-third of elementary and middle schools each year.

List of schools sampled to participate in Social Studies administration 

3  In place of the ELA test, the Colorado Spanish Language Arts is available to eligible 3rd & 4th English Language Learners participating in a bilingual program.

4  ELA/CSLA and Math testing (including DLM) between March 16 - April 3 is available, as needed depending on technology resources in each building.

5  Although there is an early testing window, CDE stresses that to the extent possible, the schedules for alternate ELA/Math assessments and alternate science/SS should mirror the schedules for the PSAT/SAT and CMAS, respectively.

Colorado Department of Education Tentative Assessment Windows 

Why do we administer these tests? All assessments in this schedule are mandated by state law; those mandated by federal law are noted with an *.  

How will results be used? Our district uses assessment results to plan professional development for educators, refine instructional strategies and foster student understanding of content measured in each assessment.  The state of Colorado and others use these data to assign ratings to our schools.  

How long do these tests take? Estimated times represent time on test, but do not factor in preparing students and reading directions. For estimated times by grade for all state and district assessments throughout the school year, please to the district testing time by grade. 

District Testing Time By Grade

What if I don’t want my student to test?  As provided for in state law and district policy, parents may excuse their students from taking CMAS and state-mandated college preparatory and college admissions examinations. Contact your principal no later than March 5 if you are considering excusing your student from specific state tests, so that you may make an informed decision with regard to the impact non-participation may have on your school and district.  This year our entire focus will be on supporting students as they take the test.  As a result, families are asked (though not required) to arrange an excused absence from school on testing days and appropriate alternative activities of their own if their child will not be participating.