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Tammy Lawrence

Director, Student Services
Director, Student Support

Mike Lowe

Director, Student Services
Director, Student Services

Katie Romero

Assistant Director, Student Support
Assistant Director, Student Support

Student Support Services

teacher smiling at young student

Our goal is to help every student succeed in their academic, career and personal lives.

Student Support Services, which oversees BVSD's School Counseling Program, is responsible for developing curriculum and supports focused on academic success, career development and life skills. Additionally, we work to cultivate a district and school culture that celebrates diversity -- where everyone, including ALL students, are welcome, safe, included and supported.

counselor talking with students

Counselors in our schools not only support students academic success. They are also dedicated to helping to provide personal-social supports.

Students on a college campus.

Interested in going to college, but are not sure what to do next? We've pulled some resources together to get you started.

Students smile in a huddle.

Helping our students navigate life can be difficult, but we've created some resources to help.

Students and a teacher in a BVSD elementary classroom. Photo Courtesy the Daily Camera.

The Boulder Valley School District is in a multi-year effort to expand counseling at the elementary level. Read the impact it is having on our schools in the Daily Camera.

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