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Rules for Safe School Bus Riding

Students are responsible for their own safety and can contribute to the safety of their fellow students.


1. Leave home early enough to arrive at your bus stop on time.

Be at the school bus stop 3 - 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time — and stay there. Respect private property at the stop location.

2. Wait for your bus in a safe place—well off the roadway.

Keep yourself and others safe by waiting at the designated area and do not play or wait in the road.

3. Enter your bus in an orderly manner and take your seat.

When the bus stops to pick you up and the driver opens the door, get on immediately and go to your seat. (The school bus is stopping traffic for student loading and this should be as brief as possible.)

4. Follow the instructions of your school bus driver.

Be cooperative and obey your bus driver. The following are not allowed on the school bus: eating, drinking, live animals, weapons, explosive or flammable materials. If other bulky or dangerous items need to be taken to school, it is advisable to get them to school by means other than the school bus. Otherwise, the driver has authority to require objects to be placed in a safe place, or deny transportation of such items. The driver also has full authority to assign seats whenever necessary for good student management.

5. Remain in your seat while your bus is in motion.

Changing seats while the bus is in motion is unsafe and not allowed. Always request permission to move to another seat and move only when the bus is stopped. The correct and safest position for riding is seated facing forward with your back against the seatback.

6. Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times.

Serious injury could result from being struck by an object as the bus passes or hitting the window frame as the bus goes over a bump.

7. Keep aisles clear.

Feet, legs, arms and bodies, as well as book bags, instruments and other “stuff” must be kept out of the aisle; the driver must have a clear view down the aisle through the back door window at all times.

8. Remain quiet and orderly. Be totally silent at all railroad crossings; use a quiet voice at all other times.

Shouting or any loud noise is not acceptable. A low noise level is imperative for the safest driving conditions.

9. Classroom behavior will remain in effect on the bus.

All aspects of bullying -- physical, verbal or written are against the law and will not be tolerated.

10. Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.

Follow the instructions of your driver for safe procedures when crossing the street or leaving the bus drop off location.


When bus rules are not followed, students can distract the driver and take their focus off the road.  This is dangerous for everyone. 

In general, rules violations will be dealt with on an individual basis between rider and driver using the following steps:

First violation

Verbal warning

Second violation

Assigned seat (3 days)

Third violation

Driver calls parents

Fourth violation

Bus safety report sent to principal