The BVSD Access Pass with image of a student and a BVSD Access Pass

BVSD is introducing a new system on our school buses to help us track in where and when students board and disembark from our buses. The BVSD Access Pass will help increase student safety by providing the school district with more accurate ridership data.


It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each student will be issued a BVSD Access Pass with an RFID chip that will be read by an ID scanner on the bus. Students will swipe the card past the scanner when they board and again when they disembark the bus. A light on the scanner will change from orange to green to indicate the card has been successfully read.

What Information is on the Access Pass?

A very limited amount of information will be printed on the ID card, including the student’s last name, first initial, and the phone number for BVSD Security. The RFID chip transmits a signal that only carries the student’s ID number, so no additional personal information or data regarding student travel is accessible from the card.

When will my child begin to use the Access Pass?

As soon as students receive their BVSD Access Pass, they will be required to use it to board the bus. A lanyard or cardholder (dependent on grade level) will be provided with the first ID at the student's school. We encourage parents to speak with their student about the importance of keeping track of their BVSD Access card. For younger students, we are suggesting that they simply keep the card attached to their backpack, for easy daily access.

How do I track my child?

An app will be available for parents to know where and when your child entered and exited the school bus with their BVSD access card. Have comfort knowing your child is safe. Information can be found at this link.

What if my child forgets their Access Pass?

We will allow students to board a bus up to three times without a card, for those times when they are forgetful.

Lost card?

Report the lost card to Transportation as soon as possible.

New Students

Student will receive their Access Pass from their school after they enroll. It may take up to a week for new students to receive their card.

What is Zonar?

Zonar is a GPS School Bus Tracking software.  


ZPass+ is the brand of pass we are using.  We are calling it the BVSD Access Pass.