Boulder Valley School District

Bike Rodeo

Bike Rodeo at Whittier

Bicycle Rodeos are a fun way to introduce younger children (ages 5-12) to bicycle handling and safety skills. Rodeos can be customized to fit the time and space available and are typically comprised of a series of stations such as:

  • Helmet Fit
  • Bike Check
  • Rules of the Road
    • Hand Signals
    • Crossing a Train Track
    • Driveway Rollout
    • Intersections
    • Crosswalks
  • Bike Handling Skills
    • Weaving through cones
    • Scanning/Looking Back
    • Going over curbs
    • Teeter Totters and Bridges
    • Safely going around an obstacle
    • Slow Race (Snail vs Turtle)

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Volunteer at bike rodeo

BVSD has two bike rodeo kits available for schools to borrow. The kits are equipped with:

  • Cones
  • 1/2 tennis balls
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Various traffic signs
  • Ramp turn obstacle
  • Speed bump obstacle
  • Small teeter totter
  • Large teeter totter
  • Bridge

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