Boulder Valley School District

BVSD Electric Vehicle Sharing Program

Two electric vehicles (EVs) are available at the Education Center for qualified staff to borrow for work-related trips. Employees are seeing first-hand the practical benefits of EVs and the BVSD is getting environmental and financial benefits.

A Nissan LEAF and a Chevrolet Volt with a charging station were acquired in June 2014 through financial assistance of the Regional Air Quality Council and Colorado Energy Office. Leadership of the City of Boulder with eGo Carshare as a partner made this funding possible.

The program is run by staff of the district’s Office of Sustainability and TO School Program.  By substituting trips in private gasoline-powered autos with those in clean running BVSD EVs, both tailpipe pollution and costs related to employees’ mileage reimbursement are being cut. Furthermore, employees will be encouraged to bike and bus to the Education Center knowing that an EV is available for work trips during the day.

"When my family and I moved here last summer from the East Coast, we were hoping to transform into a one-car family, as we knew about all the great walking and biking routes in Boulder County. As a District Manager for Food Services, I do utilize the 'family car' intensively Monday through Friday for work at my 17 schools throughout East County. The Electric Vehicle Program has allowed me the occasional day when I can offer the car to my wife and kids for essential needs. This flexibility has helped enable us to remain a one-car family!"Stephen Menyart with Food Services


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The How-to Drive clip comes to us courtesy of AutoShare, a car sharing organization in Canada.

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