Boulder Valley School District

Go by Carpool

COVID-19 Update: Please note that Boulder County Public Health currently only advises carpooling with families whose children are in the same cohorts. Additionally, wearing masks, keeping the windows down and seating non-related students as far from the driver as possible is recommended.

If you need assistance setting up a carpool within your child's cohort contact

Keep in mind, this excellent resource can also be used to find biking and walking buddies.

If you need help getting your children to and from school, Way to Go can help you get started with Schoolpool for FREE.

This secure matching system will connect you with families in your neighborhood to share the responsibilities of going to school and back by carpooling, walking, biking or riding either RTD or the school bus together. Thousands of other families are already connected.

All BVSD schools have their own Schoolpool network.  For login information for your school, contact BVSD at or Mia Bemelen at Way to Go (


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