Go by School Bus

At BVSD Safe Routes to School​, we view the yellow school bus as a fantastic alternative to driving your child to school. Here are the some frequently asked questions:

Is my child eligible for school bus service?

Yellow school buses provide transportation to and from schools for BVSD students who live within school attendance areas but outside of standard school "shortest reasonable" walk distances, that is, 1.5 miles for elementary schools, 2.0 miles for middle schools and 2.5 miles for high schools. 

How and when will I know if my child will have school bus service and where the stop is?

The school bus routing staff mails postcards in August to the parents of all students of record who qualify for school bus service for the coming school year. The postcard states the appropriate bus stop location and time of arrival. You can also log in to Infinite Campus any time and click the transportation link to find out your bus stop and time.

What if I don’t get a postcard or the information is not on Infinite Campus

Please call your school's main office.  They will know about your eligibility and give you the appropriate stop and time information. While we do our best to make our address database accurate, errors are possible. 

Is there a "space available" option?

Yes, you may apply for space available on an existing route. Space available is determined by the number of empty seats on routes as of September 15. You may request space available through an application process by completing a form found on the Transportation Home Page.  If your child is given a space available seat, you will be notified shortly after September 15.

What else do my child and I need to know about riding the school bus?

You'll find everything you need to know in our Parent Handbook.