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Park and Walk

Think you live too far from school to walk?

Try a Park and Walk! Take the 3-Block Challenge!

Girl in front of Monarch K8 with a Walk to School Day Sticker

If walking or biking to school all the way from home is not feasible, doing a park and walk (or bike, or scooter) is a great option to get kids active and ready for school. It also helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution at the front door of the school. Scout out a location a few blocks from school, three is ideal, where you can either drop your older kids off or park and walk in with your younger kids. 

Having a few extra moments to connect with your kids before and after school, along with getting the chance to engage with the school community, are some of the wonderful benefits of getting out of your car!                                

Tips for Planning a Park and Walk:

  • Locate a parking spot a few blocks from the school with good walking access to the building. Look for routes with sidewalks or pedestrian paths and safe crossing areas.
  • If you are in a neighborhood, make sure to respect the residents by not blocking driveways, mailboxes, trash cans or fire hydrants.
  • If you are near a marked crosswalk, make sure to park at least six feet from it so you don't obstruct the visibility of the crossing.
  • When crossing the street with your child, keep in mind that in a crosswalk you have the right-of-way as a pedestrian, but you need to make sure that cars can see you before entering the crosswalk. This is a great opportunity to role model safe crossing choices!
  • Make sure not to park in designated no-parking zones or bus loading zones.
  • Plan your route to avoid making u-turns, a common cause of traffic conflict.
  • Practice your route during school breaks or on a weekend.
  • Consider arranging a meet up with a friend from your child's class to walk together.
  • Enjoy the extra time in nature!


Students Walking to School on the path that leads to Monarch K8


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