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Thank you for your interest in the BVSD EcoPass Program! An EcoPass gives you unlimited trips on all RTD Local, Regional, and Airport bus and rail services. 

Employees with regularly assigned weekly hours (any level of FTE) are eligible for the program. The annual enrollment feed by payroll deduction is $65 (January-December) though you are welcome to enroll anytime and use your EcoPass for the remainder of the calendar year. Your EcoPass renews automatically every January, unless you opt-out.

EcoPass Advantages

  • Easy to use: tap your pass on board and you’re on the way

  • Wide coverage: go anywhere RTD goes such as Denver International Airport for free

  • Stress relief: let someone else do the driving

  • ​Valuable: annual retail price is $2,400

  • Bicycles ride too: RTD buses have bike racks

Employees having a regular assignment are eligible. Spouses and children are not included in the program.

Rolling Enrollment
New participants are welcome to enroll any time of the year. Please go to to sign up.