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Trip Tracker

Rewarding students and staff for walking, biking, bus riding, and carpooling to school!


Trip Tracker Launches September 1st for the 23/24 School Year!

Trip Tracker encourages and rewards students and staff for using alternatives to single family car transportation to BVSD schools. The program goal is to significantly reduce car traffic and associated air pollution in front of schools thereby enhancing student safety and health.​ 

Participants are rewarded monthly for walking, biking, carpooling and riding either the school bus or RTD. Students and staff receive Trip Tracker dollars that can be used like cash at dozens of local businesses, donated to your school, or donated to local non-profit organizations.

Our first survey will open on September 29, 2023.

Link to Businesses that accept Trip Tracker dollars

Link to Optional Printable Tracking Calendars 

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First page of the PDF file: TT_2022_BVSD_AnnualSummary_AllSchools_Proofv2

Trip Tracker FAQs

All the ways to get to school

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