Boulder Valley School District

Participating Businesses

We want to thank our participating businesses for supporting the mission of Trip Tracker. These local businesses generously cover fifty cents of every Trip Tracker dollar spent in their stores.

Please check this list often as it is frequently updated.


Would you like to have your business participate in BVSD Trip Tracker? Email

"I’m proud to be an early adopter of the Trip Tracker Program. We absolutely want the kids (and their parents) of our community to make an association between using shared transportation and getting rewarded at our shop for doing so. I sincerely believe it’s a three way win: the students get the reward, we get the exposure and ability to participate, the roads become less congested and the air cleaner as a result!"

David Cohen, Owner, Spruce Confections (four locations in Boulder), Trip Tracker’s first business participant and still going strong ten years later.