Boulder Valley School District

Participating Non-Profits

You can donate your Trip Tracker dollars to any of these wonderful, local non-profit organizations.  You will be offered an opportunity to do that each month on the Trip Survey or you can mail your Trip Tracker dollars directly to the organization at the address provided.

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center 2870 Bluff St., Boulder 80301
Boulder Food Rescue P.O. Box 284, Boulder, CO 80306
BVSD Emergency Food Distribution
Community Cycles  2601 Spruce St., Unit B,  Boulder, CO 80302
EcoCycle - Green Star Schools Program, P.O. Box 19006,  Boulder, CO 80308
Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, P.O. Box 18987, Boulder, CO 80308
Garden to Table (Growe Foundation) 936 W. Alder St., Louisville, CO 80027
Growing Gardens - Cultiva Youth Project, P.O. Box 1066, Boulder, CO 80306
Sister Carmen Community Center, 655 Ridge Dr., Lafayette, CO 80026
Thorne Nature Experience, P.O. Box 19107. Boulder, CO 80308
Trip Tracker, 1951 63rd St. Boulder, CO 80301
Women's Wilderness, 1206 Euclid Ave., Suite 1, Boulder,CO 80302
WOW Children's Museum, 110 N. Harrison Ave., Lafayette, CO 80026