Boulder Valley School District

Participating Non-Profits

You can donate your Trip Tracker dollars to your school or any of these wonderful, local non-profit organizations. You will be offered an opportunity to do that each month on the Trip Survey.

Boulder Food Rescue:  Boulder Food Rescue aims to create a more just and less wasteful food system. We facilitate the sustainable redistribution of healthy food that would otherwise be wasted to low-income communities, by bicycle. We work with communities to facilitate their own food redistribution and create decentralized systems to bypass barriers to food access. Our work envisions a world in which everyone has equitable access to healthy food.

Cal-wood Education Center: Cal-Wood's mission is to offer a unique outdoor educational experience to youth and adults. Our founding vision has guided our organization since 1982: to inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world; to offer environmental education to those who would not otherwise experience it; and to provide unique educational opportunities in a special mountain setting.

Impact on Education: (Crayons to Calculators); Impact on Education supports Boulder Valley public school students with community funding and resources in order to meet critical needs and eliminate opportunity gaps.

Community Cycles: Our Boulder nonprofit organization is made up of people who ride bicycles, love bicycles, and support bicycle-based transportation. We promote, educate, and advocate for the safe use of bicycles for transportation — bikes are sustainable, affordable, and fun! Our bike shop offers refurbished bikes for sale, and is a welcoming community and educational center for bike care and repair. We seek to create equitable access to bicycles for everyone in our community. Beyond our shop, we unite our community around biking, we advance the cyclists’ agenda at the level of planning and policy, and we work to make a better Boulder for people who ride bicycles.

EcoCycle: Eco-Cycle is one of the oldest mission-based recyclers and Zero Waste organizations in the US, and an innovator in resource conservation. We perform mission-based business activities, such as operating the Boulder County Recycling Center, providing Zero Waste business services, and creating the nation’s first Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM).These activities generate revenue that helps us provide community programs, including our award-winning Green Star Schools program, our Community Carbon Farming program, tools such as our recycling helpline (303-444-6634) and A–Z Recycling Guide, a network of more than 1,000 volunteers, and Zero Waste policies at the local, state, and national levels.

Garden to Table (Growe Foundation): The Garden To Table program is a partnership between schools, the community and our little nonprofit. Read about the roles of principals, teachers, parents and volunteers to better understand how it works. Garden To Table provides gardens, curriculum and support to schools in Boulder County and surrounding areas. Currently serving 17 schools in Boulder Valley School District, our program touches 300 teachers and more than 5,000 students. We provide everything a school needs to maintain a garden and use it for teaching and learning. Our Garden Team makes weekly check-ups to ensure your school garden is thriving. Our standards-based curriculum includes lesson plans for grades PreK through 5th, addressing science concepts while engaging students in gardening tasks. Our Program Team provides instructional resources and consultation to support teachers in program implementation. 

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is devoted to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife. We are the largest wildlife rehabilitation center treating mammals, birds, and waterfowl in Colorado. 

Growing Gardens - Cultiva Youth Project: Over the last 20 years, Growing Gardens has brought sustainable agriculture education and food donations to over 136,000 Boulder County residents. Growing Gardens’ programs empower people of all ages, income levels, and abilities by reconnecting them with their local food systems and teaching gardening, cooking, and nutrition education. Thousands of pounds of produce, as well as plant starts and seeds, are donated to low income community members to impart greater food security and hunger relief in our community.

Humane Society of Boulder ValleyThe Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) is a trusted source for services and information related to companion animals in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Founded in 1902, HSBV provides a safety net to animals in need in our community and beyond. Each year, HSBV impacts more than 10,000 animals, helping them find their new beginnings in the Boulder community or working to protect happy and healthy relationships, and supports thousands of existing pet-guardian relationships in our community through our Safety Net services.

Rise Against Suicide: Rise Against Suicide helps youth at risk of suicide by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment, enabling them to find hope and healing. Rise Against Suicide funds therapy sessions for at-risk youth struggling with suicidal ideation in the geographic areas included in Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain Valley School District. Young people up to the age of 19 who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and are uninsured or underinsured are eligible for funded counseling services through RISE. 

Sister Carmen:  Sister Carmen Community Center is a non-religious agency that has supported the community since 1978. Our mission is to provide assistance to residents of Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, and Erie who are in need, without discrimination.

Thorne Nature ExperienceThorne Nature Experience, founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1954 by Dr. Oakleigh Thorne II, builds Earth stewardship by providing youth with joyful, hands-on, place-based environmental education experiences that foster an emotional connection to nature.

TGTHR: Programs to end youth homelessness. Homelessness is not just a lack of shelter. It’s the absence of a home — a place where somebody feels safe, comfortable, secure, and valued. Ending youth homelessness requires all young people to have a place to live, employment, access to education, wellness, and a supportive community. That’s what TGTHR has been delivering for 55 years.

Women's Wilderness: Our mission is to support girls, women and LGBTQ+ people in accessing their power and improving their health through connections to the outdoors and community

WOW Children's Museum: We offer educational hands-on exhibits to inspire learning & growth in arts, sciences, and life!