Principal's Message
BCSIS Principal Phil Katsampes

The Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies is an Arts-Focus School in which active involvement and academic excellence provide a foundation for learning and self-expression. Our holistic approach addresses the head, heart, and hand of each child. Teachers and students honor all modes of expression and learning styles. Our students, parents, and staff have bridged a strong and vibrant learning community in which the curriculum is constructivist and child-centered, while celebrating cultural diversity and a deep connection to nature.

Our Arts-Focus Curriculum incorporates the foundational roots of five distinct educational models: Waldorf Education, Arts Integration, Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner, Integrated Day, and the skill-building techniques of traditional education. Woven through these five models is our Arts-Focus—the methods, philosophies, and curricular activities drawn from these foundational models are centered in creativity, artistic expression, and vibrant imagination.

BCSIS opened in the fall of 1996 with three classes and is now a full two-round, K-5 school of over 300 students. We are proud of the high academic achievement of our students and of our dynamic, outstanding program. We attribute our success to the strength of the relationships teachers have forged with students and their families.  We deeply believe that long-lasting and meaningful learning for children, both academic and social/emotional, is best fostered when imagination and self-expression are honored and encouraged.

Phil Katsampes, Principal