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Program Characteristics

Bear Creek Elementary School is a dynamic, innovative neighborhood school that emphasizes the multi-faceted cognitive and conceptual connections among mathematics, science and music. Our focus content has students looking at interdisciplinary connections to enrich their learning and their lives.

A high priority is placed on a rich language arts experience as a solid foundation in literacy skills. Students are enveloped in an investigative and creative classroom culture that develops thinking skills and evokes the use of critical thinking.

The staff provides learning experiences that challenge students to excel to their maximum potential. We strive to stimulate intellectual curiosity and love of learning in children. During the acquisition of skills and knowledge, students are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, and be willing to make mistakes in their quest for greater understanding. The school helps students to develop successful relationships with peers and creates an environment in which students can feel both self-assured and accepting of others. Parent volunteers are a visible and valuable resource in our school and teachers build strong home-school bonds through personal contacts, reports, newsletters and conferences.

Fine and performing arts are integral parts of the education at Bear Creek. The school’s physical education classes place an emphasis on physical fitness, individual and team sports, and sportsmanship. Excellent media and technology resources are available.

Bear Creek provides support and assistance to meet the needs of all students. Special services are available for students who are talented and gifted, and students with disabilities. Bear Creek emphasizes the importance of respecting and valuing individual differences and appreciating cultural plurality.

Special Programs and Opportunities
Spotlights – This choir is open to fourth and fifth graders who have an interest in developing vocal skills. The choir rehearses mornings before school and performs two programs during the year at school and in the community. Bear Creek had more than 75 students participate in Spotlights throughout this past year.

Before and After-School Clubs and Activities – A variety of clubs are offered each year based on interest. Last year some of the opportunities that were available to students were student council, chess club, foreign languages, homework club, jump rope group, Landsharks running group, drumming club, Lego Robotics club, nature club, and intramural sports.

Science Presentations – A few years ago Bear Creek modified its annual Science Fair in order to match each grade level’s developmental abilities and thus maximize learning opportunities for students. This past year every student at every grade level participated in science exploration and communication of their newly learned science information. The culmination of the Bear Creek Science Presentation experience is a data rich, individually presented science project by each fifth grade student. 

Enrichment Activities – Many enrichment activities are offered every year. Some of the exciting opportunities are the Colorado Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, the National Geographic Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, CU Science Explorers, BVSD Literacy magazine, and Math Olympiad.

Healthy Living Focus – The Bear Creek community believes strongly in teaching students about smart choices regarding personal, community and global health. Activities include a Safe Routes to School program to encourage car-free commuting to school, the Garden to the Table project which produces food for our Harvest Bar lunches, and our Green Star Schools goal of moving toward zero waste production.