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Principal's Message

Columbine is a school that has much to offer to the 21st Century learner in Boulder.

Students at Columbine learn critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity within a demographic context that is socially, linguistically, culturally, and economically diverse. As a result, Columbine students receive a well-rounded education that monitors their academic growth while developing the essential skills, knowledge and expertise that, once mastered, will give them the edge necessary to compete in an increasingly demanding global economy.

To further illustrate this point, Dr. Richard Paul, an internationally recognized authority on critical thinking, Director of Research and Professional Development at the Center for Critical Thinking, and Chair of the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking, stated in 1990 that

only if we raise children to think critically as a matter of course, about their use of language, the information they take in, the nature of propaganda which surrounds them, the multiple prejudices assumed to be self evident truths; only if we educate children to probe the logical structure of thought, to test proposed knowledge against experiences, to scrutinize experience from alternative perspectives; only if we reward those that think for themselves, who display intellectual courage, humility, and faith in reason; only then do we have a fighting chance that children will eventually become free and morally responsible adults and hence help eventually to create, through their example and commitments, genuinely free and moral societies.(p.47)

Like most schools in Boulder, our students are challenged to learn at their maximum potential. Most of our students last year grew more than a year academically if they entered the school year at grade level or above. For students who entered the school year below grade level, our expectation is that the students grow in an accelerated manner, so that in time they will catch up academically with their peers. As a school community we are committed to continuous improvement, not only in terms of academic growth, but also in modeling for our students how to cherish and value each other regardless of our differences.