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Program Characteristics

Columbine Elementary provides children and parents a firsthand experience to live and learn among diversity. Our school’s structure aligns resources for a cohesive K-5 program versus a collection of various separate programs. Elements of the quality learning environment include:

  • K-5th grade class size targets of 18 or less;
  • A balanced approach to literacy which incorporates explicit teaching of skills, structures and strategies with independent practice and opportunities to share;
  • Math instruction that balances computation with flexible mathematical thinking and real world application;
  • Literacy instruction, intensive in time, one half day in grades 1 through five, and in individual attention, through group sizes of 12 or less;
  • Biliteracy instruction for Spanish speaking children to establish a sound literacy foundation;
  • Intensive English as a Second Language instruction in groups of 12 or less;
  • Spanish as a Second Language instruction for English speaking children (optional);
  • A curriculum which focuses the development of higher order thinking through in-depth study in science and social study topics versus a broad brush approach;
  • Reinforcement of reading and writing through inquiry/research and in-depth study of social studies and science topics;
  • Talented and Gifted programming that extends and adds sophistication to social studies and science studies, while also accelerating instruction in math and language arts;
  • Special Education services which are planned and delivered based on individual academic and/or emotional needs; and
  • Full day kindergarten

Special Programs and Opportunities

Columbine offers co-curricular activities that support the academic program, build character, and foster creativity. Some of the activities are:

  • Grade level Musicals K-5th
  • Math Club
  • Assemblies – Colorado Ballet, Colorado Opera, Motion Underground, etc.
  • Monthly Bien Educados Recognition
  • Art Club - 1st - 5th grade
  • Instrumental Music - 5th grade
  • 4th grade Science Club
  • Calwood Outdoor Education Experience - 5th grade
  • Soccer – 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
  • Annual Mile Marathon
  • Family Nights