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Principal's Message

Creekside is a unique, dynamic neighborhood school that hosts an international student population and has close ties with the University of Colorado. Our mission emphasizes strong, balanced academics and hosts the first Garden to the Table Program for the school district.

The Garden to the Table Program at Creekside Elementary is a collaborative project between Creekside Elementary, Our Love of Children Foundation, and businesses and volunteers from the greater Boulder community. The purpose of the project is five-fold: to provide fresh, healthy, delicious meals in the school’s lunchroom; to use the newly created, organic school garden as a hands-on, experiential means of illustrating classroom lessons; to use the garden to provide food for the lunchroom whenever possible and to integrate food, its origins and its preparation into the curriculum; to continue to use our Zero-Waste recycling/composting program with Eco-Cycle to teach our children about sustainability; and to model and promote good health to our students.

Creekside Elementary School is located in South Boulder. Students come here from the surrounding neighborhoods and many of the University of Colorado family housing units. Approximately 30 percent of our population comes to us from nearly every continent in the world and we have 25 different languages spoken in the building at this time. At Creekside, children learn that diversity is a quality which is respected and valued in our community.

Academic programming is provided to all children on a differentiated basis, as determined by their performance level. Special programming is available for talented and gifted children as well as children who are struggling and below grade level expectations. Our balanced literacy program is supported by a 26,000 volume leveled book room. Intensive small group reading instruction is provided each day for children who are not reaching proficiency. Children who are reading above grade level are challenged to expand their comprehension and vocabulary. Children with Individualized Education Plans are provided with special services within the classroom and in a resource setting.

Creekside is a creative, diverse, and motivating setting for all children.