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Boulder Valley School District

IT Communications

May 04
IT Tips and Tricks - 5/4/18

Tip #1 - Google Translations
Type “translate (foreign word) in to English” into Google, and it defines the foreign word and tells you how to pronounce it.

Tip #2 - Bookmarks Bar Switcher Extension
Love bookmarking sites? Need to organize them better? Check out this extension to allow you to switch between different bookmarks bars!

Apr 27
IT Tips and Tricks

Tip #1 - Accessibility Features in G Suite
Google Apps have recently been updated with even more accessibility features to accommodate Braille displays and screen magnifiers! Screen reader support is also enabled.

Tip #2 - BrainPOP Make-a-Movie
Did you know that students can make their own BrainPOP-style movie? Check out these resources to find out how!

Apr 22
IT Tips and Tricks - 4/20/18

Tip #1- Coding + BrainPOP
Coding + BrainPOP: What could be better? Help students learn the basics of coding using this fun, familiar tool.

Tip #2 - IPEVO Visualizer
A new app to go with the IPEVO document cameras, IPEVO Visualizer, has been released. This will replace the IPEVO Presenter app. The new app has the same functions and icons with a slightly updated interface. Please look for the new app in your Apps Launcher on all devices!

Apr 13
IT Tips and Tricks - 4/13/18

Tip #1 - The URL shortening service is shutting down in April
From Free Technology for Teachers, “ Is Being Shut Down — 5 Alternatives". This article outlines some alternatives.

Tip #2 - Desmos Kiosk App
BVSD IT has just pushed out a new app that allows teachers to create a secure environment for testing. Similar to the TestNav and Schoology apps, the Desmos Kiosk app allows students to sign on to Desmos to use during exams in a kiosk or closed environment.

Some important things to know:

  • The Kiosk App will launch Desmos into its own restricted window environment, which can be used for assessments or other situations where users need to stay on Desmos.

  • This app will not work with any external pop-up windows, so all content must be embedded and not linked to external sites that would require additional tabs or navigation.

  • Basic buttons are included for limited navigation (back, forward, home, refresh).  

  • Choosing Log Out will close the Kiosk app and return the Chromebook to the login screen.

Mar 16
IT Tips and Tricks - 3/16/18

Tip #1 - BrainPOP Webinars
Are you a BrainPOP user? Trying to figure out new ways to implement this resource in class? Check out these webinars for training on all that BrainPOP offers, including digital citizenship, teacher tools, and student creations.

Tip #2 - VizLab Interface Update March 2018
This month we are upgrading the software behind VizLab. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, helping VizLab run faster and more efficiently. You’ll see a few interface changes; click here for details.

Mar 09
Tips and Tricks - 3/9/18

Tip #1 - Read&Write for Google Chrome
The Read&Write for Google Chrome extension, which makes documents and website more accessible to everyone, is now available to all BVSD staff and students when signed into Google Chrome with a BVSD account. To learn more about the features of this tool, please see this support document. Please note that this extension cannot be removed, but it can be disabled. For a video walkthrough of the Read&Write features, as well as steps to disable the tool, please click here.

Tip #2 - Answers to your Google Earth Questions:
The Google Earth team recently launched a new webpage to help answer all your questions about Earth in the classroom. If you are curious about the age of Street View imagery, how Earth works as an additional service, or where to find more technical guidance, check out their new page and find educators that are experts in the Geo tool chest that can act as guides.

Mar 02
IT Tips and Tricks - 3/2/18

Tip #1 - Single Sign-on Portal -
With the new BVSD Single Sign-on Portal, the quickest and easiest way for students and teachers to sign into Google (and other apps) is to first go to, login, and click on the tile from there- one login for multiple tools! For more information, please see Andrew’s latest blog.

Tip #2 - Kaizena update
All Kaizena feedback features, including voice comments, lessons, and skills, are now available inside Google Docs as a Google Doc Add-on. You will not have to leave Google Docs to record voice comments, add lessons, or track skills.

Feb 23
IT Tips and Tricks - 2/23/18

Tip #1 - Bookmarks Bar Switcher Extension
Love bookmarking sites? Need to organize them better? Check out this extension that allows you to switch between different bookmark bars!

Tip #2 - How to Get New Mail Notifications for Gmail
Don't miss the urgent email or chat in Gmail. Here's how to get desktop notifications from your browser even when you're not looking at Gmail.

Feb 16
IT Tips and Tricks - 2/16/18

Tip #1 - BrainPOP
BrainPOP has recently integrated with Newsela to help you coordinate your BrainPOP lessons with quality, leveled articles. In addition, your students can now make your own movies through BrainPOP's Make-a-Movie feature. Learn more about these two new BrainPOP features in this tutorial.

Tip #2 - Search within a folder in Google Drive
You can now search for content in a specific folder in Google Drive. Select the drop-down in the search bar and choose the folder you want from the Location menu, or right-click on a folder and search within that folder. Only folders that are within your My Drive or within Team Drives can be searched; if you have a folder that is shared with you, first add the folder to your My Drive.

Feb 09
IT Tips and Tricks - 2/9/18

Tip #1 - Free Online Photo Editor
Use lunaPic to add all sorts of cool photo, sketch and paint effects to your images. Just click the Browse icon within the image on the main page to upload your photo.

Tip #2 - Announcing the IT Open House!

What: IT Open House--Join the BVSD IT department for an afternoon of learning about IT Services!

  • Meet the people behind the emails, calls and programming that impact your school and classrooms.

  • Learn about Internet to the homes of students in need through the ConnectME (My Education) program.

  • Join Ed Tech and check out the new innovation tools, maker kits, and more!

  • Join the IT PMO team and work on a project of your very own.

  • Have a question on your Chromebook or laptop? Bring it and we will provide the answers.

When: February 27th from 4:00-5:30 pm

Who: All BVSD staff!

Why: An opportunity to come and interact with IT, learn about all we have to offer, and get inspired!

First 50 attendees will receive an awesome SWAG bag!  Also, AMAZING RAFFLE PRIZES (including a trip to InnEdCO Annual Conference in June 2018).  

Optional - RSVP here for this event!

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