BVSD Library Cataloging

Cataloging is a type of librarianship that helps users find, identify, select, and obtain resources via the library catalog or other discovery interface.

The BVSD Cataloging Team:

  • Creates and proves bibliographic (MARC) catalog records for a wide range of materials, including audiovisual, multimedia, and foreign language items.
  • Supports the Insignia integrated library system and provides training for new library staff.
  • Consults with Teacher Librarians to maximize the effectiveness of their local catalog data.
  • Aligns BVSD cataloging practices with national and international standards, including the AACR2 and RDA content standards and the MARC bibliographic format standard
  • Documents local cataloging practices. (See District Library Cataloging Standards and Practices, 2014-2015)
  • Stays current with developments in cataloging and metadata services and with broader trends in the library profession.