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Digital Signage Best Practices

These signs provide schedule information about the meetings taking place in the Professional Development Center (PDC), the Superintendent’s Conference Room and the Board Room. As you schedule future meetings, please consider these best practice guidelines:

  • Please remember to use proper grammar and spelling in your meeting subject.  The meeting subject will show up exactly as you type it in; users need to keep in mind that the meeting subject will be viewed publicly.
  • Use meeting subjects that provide concise information about the topic of the meeting. Ideally, subjects should be no longer than 35 characters long (including spaces). The font sizes will shrink in an attempt to accommodate the full length, so the longer the length, the smaller the text.
  • Do not include inappropriate language in your meeting subjects (nicknames, slang, etc.)
  • When scheduling a meeting, please be sure to include your contact information in the body of the meeting (not the meeting subject line) and information about who is leading the meeting, in case another user needs to contact you.

The above guidelines will ensure that we have professional and useful signs.

 Downloadable version of these guidelines

For assistance or questions, please contact David Foxhoven at david.foxhoven@bvsd.org, work phone 720-561-5189, or cell phone 303-994-3461.

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