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How to Schedule a Meeting

You can use the Calendar function in Google to invite attendees to a meeting and to reserve rooms. To schedule a meeting in Google:

  1. Start your room reservation/invitation in your Google calendar.
  2. Select a date/time you want the meeting. Do this by clicking your mouse somewhere in your calendar.
  3. The Event/Task window will open. Type the name of your meeting (see Digital Signage Best Practices) in the "What" field. Your meeting will show up in the digital signs throughout the Ed Center.
  4. Select the Edit Event button.
  5. Verify meeting dates and start/end times of meeting. Click on any of the fields to change.

Adding Guests

  1. Find the Add: Guests/Rooms, etc. and click on Guests
  2. Invite Guests by adding the names of attendees in the box. The field will auto populate with email addresses it recognizes. You may add non-BVSD guests but you will not be able to see their calendars if you use "Find a time."
  3. You may also designate whether a guest's attendance is optional.

Adding Rooms

  1. Find the Add: Guests/Rooms, etc. and click Rooms, etc. A list of available rooms will be presented based on the date/time of meeting you have selected.
  2. Click Add. The room has now been reserved.

Find a time

If you want to schedule an event at a time that works for all of your guests, use "Find a time."

Next to the title Event details, click on Find a time. The availability of your guests will be presented. REMEMBER: Your guests will need to have granted you access to their calendar for this to work.

Save your event information; you will then be prompted to Send/Don't Send your invitation.


Revising Meeting Details

If you need to change meeting plans after your meeting is scheduled, open the meeting in your calendar and click Edit event, then make any necessary changes. When saving new information or event changes, you will be prompted to send/don't send new information to guests.

Canceling a Meeting

To cancel a meeting, open the meeting in your calendar and click Edit event, then click Delete. You will be asked whether or not your want to notify your guests.


Printable version of these instructions with screen shots


For assistance or questions, please contact Meranda Moore at meranda.moore@bvsd.org, work phone 720-561-5189.

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