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Operating Agreements for PDC

Microsoft Outlook Calendar
All Administrative Assistants have access to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar to reserve, cancel and change conference rooms.   Proper procedure should be followed to ensure that rooms are efficiently reserved and to avoid double booking of conference rooms.  See attachment A for directions from IT.

Changes or Cancellations of Meeting Rooms
If a meeting room is changed or cancelled proper procedures need to be followed to ensure the change/cancellation is completed.  See attachment A for directions from IT. 

Room Size
Be mindful of group size and use smaller rooms for smaller groups and reserve the larger rooms for larger groups.

Digital and Building Signage
The subject of the meeting appears on the Digital Signage throughout the Education Center. The subject of the meeting will appear exactly as it is named in Outlook.  (i.e. do not use student/parent names.)  Please reference Digital Signage Best Practices attachment B.  Do not hang paper signs on the walls.  If participants enter the building through the front door the receptionist can give them directions to the PDC. 

When reserving a room in Outlook, remember to schedule 30 minutes before the meeting and 30 minutes after the actual meeting time to allow for setup and cleanup of rooms. 

Common practice: Five minutes before ending a meeting, facilitators should always ask participants to pick up pens, papers, cups, etc. and push in chairs before leaving.   (This is not only respectful of our PD Center, it also allows for quick setup for upcoming meetings as well as preservation and maintenance of our PD Center.)

Custodial Facilitation
24-hour advance notice must be given to Operations to allow for scheduling for room setup. If you are requesting assistance from Operations, please use attachment C, Conference Room Setup form.  (Verbal requests will not be taken.)

Walls: Do not move walls without the assistance of custodian.  A special tool is used to open and close these walls and damage will occur if walls are moved without trained personnel.

Tables: Do not sit on tables as damage will occur.  The tables are light weight and are designed to be moved easily.

Control Room: IT designated staff ONLY in control room.

AV Equipment: 24-hour advance notice must be given to the Day Porter for the use of video equipment and microphones.  One AV cord will be permanently placed in each room.  Do not remove these cords from the PDC.

PDC Kitchen
The use of PDC kitchen requires that you pick up and clean kitchen after use.

  • Wash and return all supplies to cabinets.
  • Empty and clean coffee pots and water pitchers after each meeting.
  • If you notice supplies are needed, notify the Day Porter.
  • If there are spills on the carpet or chairs, notify the custodian or Day Porter for clean up.

Caterers: please make sure caterers pick up their supplies directly after meetings. All catering materials should be cleared when meeting ends. Materials should be staged on a cart in kitchen for easy pickup by caterer and should not be left on kitchen counters or in conference rooms.

Participant Information
For large groups it is important to communicate information about the meeting and the PDC.  Listed below are some tips:

AVATAR: A reminder should be sent at least one week in advance to participants in AVATAR classes.  See attachment D

Parking: Let participants know where they may park by sending them a copy of our parking map.  See attachment E.

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For assistance or questions, please contact David Foxhoven at david.foxhoven@bvsd.org, work phone 720-561-5189, or cell phone 303-994-3461.

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