Facilities available
The PDC at the Ed Center consists of seven conference rooms and a kitchen/catering area. There are movable walls between Aspen, Black Diamond, Crescent, and Davidson Mesa rooms which can be folded back to make larger rooms. Eldora, Flagstaff and Glacier are separate smaller rooms.

Technology available
Computer cables to connect to the network and AV system, portable DVD/VHS player for use in room, DVD & Blu-Ray player run from the control room, hand-held and lapel microphones, and a PolyCon conference phone. Aspen, Black Diamond, Crescent, and Flagstaff have projectors and automatic screens. Davidson Mesa and Eldora have a large screen HDTV. Two mobile labs are also available which contain six laptops each.

Reserving rooms and scheduling
Room calendars are accessed in Google under "shared calendars." Use "New Meeting Request" to enter reservation and contact information. After making a reservation, please use the "PDC Conference Room – Request for Setup" form if you will need a certain arrangement of tables and chairs, specific computer/AV equipment, or have any special instructions. Meetings frequently run overtime so expect the previous meeting to run late. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes between meetings for a single room and more for multiple rooms or a large setup. Changing from a large meeting using all four rooms to four separate rooms with different meetings can take up to two hours. If a meeting is canceled, please remove it from the calendar completely so others may reserve that slot.

Use of Conference Rooms
The "Request for Setup" form shows the number of tables and chairs available and some common configurations for a setup. Aspen and Black Diamond rooms can seat up to 10 at each double table. Crescent and Davidson Mesa double tables are comfortable for eight. Maximum capacity for these rooms is usually a staggered configuration of tables. Eldora and Glacier each have a single conference table for 10. Flagstaff has a style of table that can seat three-five as single tables. See examples on the setup form. The kitchen/catering area is available for making coffee or for catering use. Each group is responsible for their own needs and for cleaning up anything they use.

For assistance or questions, please contact Meranda Moore at Meranda.Moore@bvsd.org or work phone 720-561-5189.

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