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Touch Panel for Audiovisual System and Set Lighting

Start the system
Touch panel and hold. Follow instructions as shown. Room can be set to operate independently or in combination with another room. PDC porter will assist with this.

Select Inputs to system
Select DVD or Blu-ray when using those in the control room. If using a portable DVD/VHS player, select ‘Video-L&R’. If using a Laptop and the serial cable select ‘Computer’. When connecting with HDMI cable, select that input.

Using a Personal Computer as input
Your computer should be connected to the provided cable at this time. An Apple computer will require an adapter. The smaller audio cable should be plugged into the outlet in the wall jack and the headphone output on your laptop. Unplug this cable from computer and wall when done to prevent background noise over the room speakers. When using HDMI cable the program shown will appear ONLY in that room.

NOTE: The instructions direct you to HOLD DOWN THE FUNCTION KEY (Fn) WHILE PRESSING F4, F5, or F8. Repeatedly pressing the Fn + F4 will toggle the display from computer screen to room screen to both together. It may be necessary to adjust your ‘display’ settings to fit the room screen. DVD’s may play using WIN DVD. If there is no picture right click on the blank screen, select ‘setup’ then ‘video’ then toggle OFF the 2 options shown. If there is no audio check that the input ‘computer’ is selected and showing in red.

It may be necessary to reboot computer to initialize the program.

Set lighting levels and volume
Select from ‘preset’ lighting configurations on the touch panel.
Volume control is at the right side of the touch panel. DO NOT SET VOLUME AT MAXIMUM if using microphones.

Turn off the system
Touch panel and follow instructions to shut down system.

Using screen and microphones without AV system
There is a separate Up/Dn switch for controlling the screen separate from the touch panel. The screen can be lowered without the AV system being turned on or it can be raised without shutting down the AV system.
Microphones will work when the system is not turned on but you will not have control of the volume level.

Printable version of these instructions

For assistance or questions, please contact David Foxhoven at david.foxhoven@bvsd.org, work phone 720-561-5189, or cell phone 303-994-3461.

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