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Wireless Microphones

The BVSD Ed Center PDC has a wireless system for microphones.  There are lapel (lavalier) and handheld microphones for each conference room.  These mics will work in more than one room when the walls are opened between rooms for Aspen, Black Diamond, Crescent, and Davidson Mesa. When walls are closed each microphone will work only in the room for which it is labeled.

Wireless microphone systems are very susceptible to interference from all types of radio frequencies, including other microphones.  There may be interference from computers, cell phones, TV stations, CD players, in-ear monitors, other radio transmissions, and other digital devices.  The microphones in the PDC are set to frequencies that generally do not pick up other radio transmissions, but every day is different and the different kinds of technology brought into a conference may interfere with performance of the microphones.  When using multiple microphones (handheld and/or lapel) at the same time they should not be used in close proximity to one another, the feedback can be extreme.

The volume heard over the room speakers will depend on the volume of the person speaking, the characteristic of the individual’s voice, and how closely they are speaking into the microphone.  When the room volume is set for use of the lapel mics, the handheld mics will need to be held further away than usual to avoid being too loud. The two types of microphones have different levels of sensitivity.  The smaller lapel mic must be set to a greater sensitivity level because of the size and quality of components and because it is generally attached to a garment and is at a greater distance from the speakers mouth than a handheld mic would be.  The sensitivity and volume can be adjusted but these problems will not go away entirely. 

The final adjustment is at the room touch panel.  If using a personal computer to present a program or run a DVD, set the computer volume adjustment at maximum, then fine tune using the touch panel.  This volume may need to be adjusted when switching to microphone use.  The microphones may need to be adjusted each day and changed when room use is changed from one to multiple rooms or vice versa.

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For assistance or questions, please contact David Foxhoven at david.foxhoven@bvsd.org, work phone 720-561-5189, or cell phone 303-994-3461.

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