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Boulder Valley School District employs two Environmental Technicians. These technicians are responsible for keeping track of materials in schools such as asbestos, lead-based paint, and surplus paints and chemicals. They also check radon levels, sample for lead in drinking water, and perform initial air quality investigations as needed. They keep records and provide information about the location of asbestos and lead-based paint in buildings. They should be notified before any work is done on BVSD buildings. 

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for providing an environment which is reasonably secure from known hazards. There are many areas of the school operation, from science laboratories and art departments to custodial services and vehicle maintenance which use a variety of materials that are hazardous. BVSD complies with all Federal and state regulations concerning the presence of hazardous materials in schools.

The following board policies relate to hazardous materials in schools: 

Policy EBBD | Hazardous Materials Policy

Policy EBBD-R | Hazardous Materials Procedures (Regulation)

Policy EBD | Asbestos in the Schools

Policy EBE-R2 | Respiratory Protection Program for Asbestos (Regulation)


Boulder Valley School District complies with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requirements for managing asbestos in schools. The Director of Operations and Environmental Services is the BVSD 'designated person' ensuring that the asbestos management program is kept up-to-date. There are two Environmental Technicians that perform periodic inspections of buildings with asbestos building materials in them, and update the Asbestos Management Plan every three years.

These plans are kept in the Environmental Services Office at the Ed Center and in each school. The plans will be kept online in the future and will be available at the school. This 'Hazardous Materials' website contains general information about asbestos and links to information from government sources. The specific information for each school is available to designated staff at that school.

   Annual Notifications

   Asbestos Certifications for Staff


BVSD has been working to update and replace older plumbing in schools which can be a source of lead in drinking water. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recommends testing water from municipal systems every three years. This is the protocol BVSD currently uses. 


Boulder Valley Schools were tested for radon in 1991 and there is a schedule for periodic retesting. These test locations and results have been entered on the school floor plans and are kept online and available to staff at each school. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends radon levels be kept below 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter). BVSD has taken mitigation actions where high levels were found. Follow the "Links to additional information" below for more information.  


The EPA recommends testing for lead-based paint in homes and schools built before 1978. Boulder Valley School District completed this testing in 1998 using IHI Environmental. These records are kept in the Environmental Services Office at the Education Center. BVSD Environmental Technicians are also certified to test for lead in paint in those areas that were not specifically tested in the IHI survey. Contact Environmental Services at 720-561-5930 for information.  


   BVSD's Indoor Air Quality Initiative

   General information about mold from the Center for Disease Control

   General information about mold from OSHA

   Indoor Air Quality Information from Colorado Department of Health and Environment


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For questions or to request information, contact:

Bonnie Begert

Environmental Manager



Jim Clemmer

BVSD Environmental Technician



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BVSD Environmental Technician