BVSD district offices and schools use SchoolMessenger to send important email, phone and text messages to parents, students and staff.

SchoolMessenger gets its contact information directly from Infinite Campus for students and from Lawson for employees. Parents/guardians and employees should make sure their contact information is current.
  • School staff handle updates to contact information related to student records in Infinite Campus, so  parents who need to update their phone numbers and/or email addresses for our message system should start by contacting their child's school.
  • Employees need to notify Human Resources about any updates to their contact information.

Text Messaging
Parents, students and staff may opt in to receive text messages sent by the district and schools through SchoolMessenger. Opting in is a two-step process:
  1. The person's cell phone number must be in a cell phone field in Infinite Campus or Infor/Lawson.
  2. They then send a text message from their cell phone to “67587” with the word “yes” in the message. They may opt out at any time by texting “STOP” to 67587.

Personalize your SchoolMessenger communications

After all the contact information in the databases is correct, parents and staff can set up an account in SchoolMessenger to set preferences for how they receive communications sent through the system. SchoolMessenger also provides an "Inbox" which contains all the messages a person has received from BVSD and schools in the past 30 days. Note that SchoolMessenger accounts may only be set up with email addresses that are in one of our databases: Infinite Campus for parents, guardians and students; or Infor/Lawson for employees. Learn more!

Access SchoolMessenger from the Infocenter link on the BVSD Mobile App.

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We recommend that people opt in for this SMS service, because the text messages deliver within a couple of minutes. It may take the system up to an hour to complete all the phone calls for staff and parents in BVSD during an emergency or weather closure.