Community Responses to Interim Vision, Mission and Goal Statements

In early April 2013, BVSD's goal development process completed its extensive public input phase in response to interim vision, mission and long-term goal statements developed in February (see below). From mid-February through mid-March, any interested BVSD community member who chose to do so participated in offering their opinion concerning the interim statements through the district's online community engagement tool, "BVSD Listens." In addition, there were five face-to-face community engagement sessions held throughout BVSD plus one session with the BVSD District Accountability Committee (DAC). All comments (including those offered via email to the superintendent's office and collateral material shared with the district by community members) were compiled into one 95-page PDF document available to anyone interested in viewing it:

The next step for BVSD was a professionally facilitated consensus session in mid-April among the seven members of the school board and superintendent that sought, using insights gained from community comment, to arrive at a final proposed vision statement, a final proposed mission statement, and final proposed long-term district goals. All community comments, whether online, through email, or gathered during community meetings were reviewed by the school board and Dr. Messinger prior to their April 16 session. Those proposed statements and goals were then taken up by the board for study in their May 28 regular meeting.

Interim Vision Statement
"We develop our children’s greatest abilities and make possible the discovery and pursuit of their dreams, which when fulfilled can benefit us all. We prepare every child to become the architect of his or her own life long education. We provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to education and graduate successful, curious, confident, and hopeful students who are able to confront the great challenges of their time.”
Interim Mission Statement
Boulder Valley School District
  • will partner with parents and students to address the unique learning needs of each student;
  • will collaborate with students, teachers, parents, staff, and community members to ignite the potential of and create meaningful and engaging opportunities for each child;
  • will respect the inherent value of each student and incorporate the strengths and diversities of students, families, staff and communities; and
  • will be a welcoming, inclusive school district where all children thrive and are prepared for successful, civically engaged lives.
Interim 2013-2018 Goals
  1. BVSD will partner with parents and students to develop a personalized education program that will address the unique learning needs of each student.
  2. BVSD will increase community involvement, corporate partnerships, volunteer involvement, and legislative advocacy.
  3. BVSD will provide a safe and inclusive environment for students, their families, and staff.
  4. BVSD will attract, hire, and through quality professional development retain outstanding professionals at all levels of the organization.
  5. BVSD will partner with parents and the larger community to support efforts to help all students enter school ready to learn.
  6. BVSD will measure the personal success of each child as well as the overall effectiveness of the school system using measures that include but are not limited to traditional achievement tests.
  7. BVSD will ensure that race, social economic status, learning needs and risk factors will not be barriers to student success.
  8. BVSD will graduate students who are prepared to be active citizens and community participants.
  9. BVSD will prepare students for success beyond high school graduation.
  10. BVSD will strive to have all students proficient by the end of elementary school to be prepared to access middle level education including, but not limited to, literacy and numeracy.
  11. BVSD will implement programs that address the intellectual growth, physical development, and social emotional well-being of students.
  12. BVSD will advocate for adequate resources, and will prioritize and be accountable for the allocation of available resources to achieve district goals.

(PLEASE NOTE: Each of these goals must foster the mission and vision of the Boulder Valley School District. Each of these goals in being implemented must represent and model the values of the Boulder Valley School District.)

Following are the "redlined" versions of these draft statements showing where staff sought to revise the documents to incorporate the school board's comments from a public discussion during the May 14, 2013 school board meeting:
Vision and Mission Statement (with changes tracked)
Draft Interim Goals 2013-18 (with changes tracked)
Once the school board and superintendent were satisfied that they had discussed and collaborated these drafts to the point of achieving the consensus that they had worked six months to establish, the board approved the district's new mission, vision, and goals at its regular meeting on June 25, 2013.
The school board clearly directed that while they ultimately set the vision, mission, and specific goals for the future, they will expect staff to prepare plans for each school year to achieve measurable and accountable results in the pursuit of the district's new long-term goals. These plans will be publicly shared with the board and community as they are developed and finalized.
Background on BVSD's 2012-2013 Community Consensus Process for this Work