Graduation Requirements for Students graduating in 2010 and beyond

A student must successfully complete a minimum of 220 credits in grades 9-12 to graduate from the Boulder Valley School District.  100 of these credits must be earned in grades 11-12.  Ten credits are equivalent to one full year of study in a specific subject. 

Language Arts: 40 credits in grades 9-12
10 in Language Arts 9
10 in World Literature & Composition, grade 10
10 in American Literature & Composition, grade 11
5 in language arts elective courses, 9-12
5 in communication courses, grades 9-12

Social Studies: 30 credits in grades 9-12
5 in US Government in grade 9
5 in World Geography in grades 9-10
10 in World History in grade 10
10 in US History in grade 11

Math: 20 credits in grades 9-12
10 credits of which must include Algebra I or higher level mathematics

Science: 20 credits in grades 9-12
10 credits in courses designated as Life Sciences
10 credits in courses designated as Physical Sciences

Physical Education: 15 credits in grades 9-12
5 in Comprehensive P.E., grade 9
10 in elective P.E. courses, grades 9-12, balanced between individual fitness and team sports

Health: 5 credits in grades 9-10

Fine Arts: 5 credits in grades 9-12 (includes music or art)

Second Language Acquisition: 10 credits in World Language, Level 2 or higher; or, for ELL students, ESL Level 2 or higher

Practical Experiences: 5 credits in grades 9-12
The Computer Science/Applied Technology requirement may be fulfilled at the middle level by successfully completing an approved class.  Class offerings vary by middle school.  Check with your middle school office for classes that meet this requirement.  If this requirement was fulfilled in grades 6-8, 5 credits in Business, Consumer and Family Studies, Computer Science, Applied Technology, or Technical Education are still needed to meet this graduation requirement. 

Money Management & Personal Finance ​
To meet this requirement all students must also demonstrate evidence of completion of a 12 hour course in Money Management & Personal Finance in grades 7-12 or through a qualified district course.​
**Please note that minimum BVSD graduation requirments are not sufficient for acceptance to Colorado’s 4 year institutions of Higher Education.
CCHE summary of requirements:  This summary of requirements is for admission to Colorado’s institutions of  Higher Education.

Additional Electives:  75 credits in grades 9-12

Community Service:  A maximum of 5 credits of community service may be earned as an elective.  Recommended: 75 or more hours of volunteer work equals 5 credits.

Independent Study:  Independent study contracts, not to exceed a total of 30 units of credit, will be allowed for graduation credit.  All contracts must be submitted in writing with prior approval by the teacher(s) and building administrator.  The sponsoring teacher will monitor the project and determine grade and credit upon comnpletion of work.