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The BVSD Grants Office is responsible for planning, writing and monitoring the district’s major grants, which provide more than $12 million annually to supplement state and local tax-based school funding.  Grants to BVSD support all areas of K-12 education: academics, enrichment, intervention, student support services, teacher training, and some operational functions.  We also provide guidance to other staff and volunteers who write grants.  This department is charged with promoting  partnerships with other institutions that can provide direct or indirect support to BVSD; formanaging the district’s accountability process for grants; and for compliance with federal laws concerning grants.If you are looking for information about classroom grants, at-risk grants, Opportunity Fund, science-technology-math grants,  or Impact Awards, please visit Impact on Education.​​​​​​​​​​​

Help For Grant Writers: The BVSD Grants Guide

9 Things to Know About Grants & BVSD  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Basic Information and District Procedures  

District Policies On Grants - District Policy

BVSD Board policy requires that all grants be approved by, and all funds managed by, the school district.  This section describes BVSD’s basic procedures regarding grants and rules on handling grants; it covers the district review and approval process; and the Intent to Apply procedures. There is also useful information for developing a grant, and a grant budget.


Intent to Apply Form - Microsoft Word Document 

Complete this form if you are going to apply for a federal or state grant, one that requires cash matching funds, or any grant over $25,000.  This form is a Microsoft Word document.  Submit it to the BVSD Grants Office by email or in hard copy prior to making your grant application. 


Standard Attachments to Grants

If you are writing a grant for a BVSD school or department, you may need copies of one or more of these documents to accompany your application:

IRS Determination Letter

Board of Education

Annual Budget 2018-19

Non-Discrimination Policy

Audited Financial Statement 

BVSD At A Glance - Fast Facts About The District

Writing Grants - Tips and Tutorials

The BVSD Grants Office has copies of most of the grants written in the district for the past seven years.  You can request copies to use as models by emailing the Grants Office. In addition, here are some online resources: 
Online class (high quality provider):
Recorded webinar (high quality provider):
In-person local classes (Denver):
A list of grants, in alphabetical order by topic (e.g. "Math"); deadlines are listed along with links to more information. This is not very current, but may be helpful.  For access to online grants research databases (the Colorado Grants Guide and others) please contact the Grants Office by email.