BVSD's Vision for Sustainability-Literate Graduates

As stewards of the planet, a sustainability-literate graduate:

    • Recognizes and understands the dynamic interconnections and interdependency of ecological, economic, and social systems.
    • Possesses knowledge and skills necessary to critically evaluate the potential positive and negative consequences of personal and collective actions on the natural and human environment.
    • Uses this knowledge to make conscious choices and create solutions which support a healthy and vibrant life for present and future generations.

BVSD believes that sustainability should become a fundamental aspect of how it educates students and how district staff members carry out their responsibilities. To this end, the district will strive to integrate sustainability both in curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities for students, as well as staff development and training. The district already has many programs and practices in place that in some form address sustainability in the curriculum. We partner with many organizations in the community that offer environmental sustainability programming​ in our district.