​​Green Purchasing Guide Introduction (download PDF​)

The purpose of the BVSD Green Purchasing Guide is to provide faculty and staff with information highlighting what types of environmentally responsible products are available. The Boulder Valley School District is committed to becoming a leader in environmental sustainability by limiting our negative impact on the environment and using natural resources wisely and in a manner which meets the needs of the community today and in the indefinite future. As we continue to strive to meet our sustainability goals we must look at how our individual purchases through procurement cards (P-cards) and purchase orders can be adapted to help reach our ambitious goals set forth by our Sustainability Management System​ Document. This guide provides green attributes to look for when purchasing products, and also provides best practices when using products to promote more sustainable habits.


In the 2012-2013 school year we spent over 8 million dollars on district P-cards and continue to increase faculty purchasing each year. Considering our sustainability goals, we must look to promote environmentally responsible industries and understand how much of an environmental impact our combined purchases have. Green products reduce energy consumption, are less toxic, and reduce our impact by using recycled materials to make new products, often at little or no additional up front cost. Green products also create a healthier learning environment. In order to help BVSD faculty and staff be more environmentally conscious when conducting district spending, this guide is organized into six categories of commonly purchased items. 

The six categories are as follows: 

Paper Products​ 
Cleaning Products, Paints & Markers​ 
Small Appliances​
Classroom and Office Equipment​
Small Furniture Items and 
Events and Food​

Within each category are five sections:

Introduction: Provides information about why purchasing green is important for each category.

Components: Specifies what products are covered in each category.

Green Attributes: Lists what to look for, and what to avoid, when purchasing green products. 

Questions to Ask: Provides some sample questions to ask when looking for green products.

Best Practices: This section gives advice on the best way to use and purchase the products. 

The second part of this guide provides Definitions and Information for some of the words and organizations used throughout the guide. These words are in green text throughout the guide.​
Product Categories in this Guide
Paper Products

Contact Information

​​Ghita Carroll, Ph.D​
BVSD Sustainability Coordinator

Senior Buyer/District P-Card Program Administrator