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BVSD Green Policy

Mission Statement
β€œThe Boulder Valley School District is committed to becoming a leader in environmental sustainability by creating healthy learning environments while providing students with the skills to address the systemic challenges faced by the world in this new century.”
- BVSD Sustainability Management System

Board of Education Environmental Sustainability Policy
In January 2010, the Boulder Valley Board of Education passed a policy in support of sustainability efforts and the Sustainability Management System. Click here to read a press release about the policy, which includes the new policy language.

Sustainability Resolution
In May 2009, BVSD adopted a resolution supporting environmental sustainability, jointly created with City of Boulder, University of Colorado at Boulder and Boulder County. Click here to read a press release about this collaboration and see the resolution language.

Sustainability Management System
The Sustainability Management System (SMS)  puts policy into action by setting five-year goals for performance in four areas: Transportation, Buildings, Materials Flows and Education. These four areas are joined with a cross-cutting theme of Climate and Health.

Sustainable Energy Plan
There has been a great deal accomplished in the past few years to reduce energy consumption, and we are thrilled to report that in the past 3 years, energy use has decreased significantly, saving the district thousands of dollars. In fact, we met our five-year energy goal a year ahead of schedule!  During the 2013 Summer, the Energy Team completed a new Sustainable Energy Plan. This plan sets new five-six year targets, with the long-term goal of zero-net energy capable buildings by 2050. The plan also provides detail on the methodology for achieving the new goals and specific strategies (including estimates on initial costs and ongoing savings).