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Energy Dashboard
The BVSD Energy Dashboard offers real time energy data for every school. Energy dashboards — tools that show how much real-time power a building is using and how to use less — are becoming more common. And now, nearly all BVSD buildings are getting an interactive dashboard of their own. Contact the Energy Team for a demonstration of how you can integrate the dashboard into your classroom, for use with your green/environmental teams and more.

Calling all 6th grade teachers! Free energy efficiency take action kit
Xcel Energy is offering a free energy efficiency take action kit for 6th grade teachers. The kit comes with activities and materials that are aligned with standards. These items are designed to open students’ and parents’ eyes to the energy-saving potential of simple, easy-to-implement conservation practices. Go to http://thinkenergy.org/xcelenergy to learn more and sign up. ​

BVSD Green Purchasing Guide
Check out the Green Purchasing Guide​ for information on how to buy green for your school. 

Turn off the Juice sticker
​Light switch 
Request "Turn off the juice" stickers for your switches!

Get started at your school with the Sustainability Checklist ​
Develop sustainability practices in the areas of energy, solid waste, water and transportation.

Get a Multipurpose Recycling Kiosk​ for your school
Encourage students and their families to recycle cell phones, ink, batteries and small electronics. 

Sustainable printing initiative - Learn how multi-function devices reduce environmental impact and costs.

​Safe Routes to 
​School Lesson Guides
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​Get lesson plans that align with State of Colorado content standards.


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