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Health Screenings and
Preventative Care 

Vision and Hearing Screening

In accordance with state guidelines, students are screened at selected grade levels and by teacher referral for vision and hearing. Appropriate referrals are then made to the parent/guardian. Once a referral has been made, it is necessary that the school nurse obtain a response from the parent or physician. 

Vision and hearing screenings are conducted in the schools in the fall for the following grades: PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and all students new to the district.



A physical is required for all preschoolers.

BVSD recommends that all students follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines to maintain optimal health, including physicals and screenings; and that  all those new to the area receive a physical examination and establish care with a local health care provider.  

Please return physical and exam forms on or before the first day of school, or as soon as possible. A physical is required within 30 days of enrollment in a preschool program.  
A physical is also required every 365 days for students participating in athletics