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Boulder Technical Education Center

Boulder Technical Education Center

Daily Schedule:
         AM Session: 7:50-10:19 a.m. 
         PM Session: 12:16-2:45 p.m.

Earn College Credit while in High School !

Boulder TEC ​coursework is coordinated with the Colorado Community College System's coursework. This crosswalk provides the opportunity for students to receive free community college credit for successful completion of a TEC program. Most TEC programs have a number of community college classes which can be transferred to a transcript without charge by the agreeing community college once a student certifies in the program and enrolls in a particular community college and transcripts one class. Students must complete the certification requirements within a program to transfer credits to the community college.

Technical Certificates Available !

​Boulder TEC provides an opportunity for students to receive a technical certificate for the successful completion of a program area. Certificates are controlled and monitored by the Colorado Community College Systems, have the minimum requirements of a C or above on the transcripts for each term, full credit for each term, and completion of all required competencies. Due to state requirements, the nursing and cosmetology programs have a set minimum of training hours.

Points of Pride:

  • Empowering students through rigorous academic and technical skills for college and career readiness
  • Community college articulation and concurrent enrollment
  • English and Science credits embedded in course curriculum
  • National support from TCTW (Tech Centers That Work)
  • Standards-Based grading and instruction
  • State Licensing Exams available in: Nursing Assistant, Esthetician, Hairstyling and Nail Technology
  • Embedded Front Range Community College credits in the Forensic Technology, Criminal Justice, Computer Information Systems, Web & Gaming, Digital Photography/Design, Multimedia Design/3D Technology, Greenhouse, and Urban Agriculture programs