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Boulder Preparatory High School


5075 Chaparral Ct.
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303.545.6186
Fax: 303.545.6187
Email: info@boulderprep.org
Website: boulderprep.org

Daily Schedule: 8:35-2:55
Enrollment: 104
Principal: Lili Adeli

Boulder Preparatory High School



 About Our School

Boulder Preparatory High School is a college-preparatory program serving students who are looking for a small-school setting that provides individualized attention. The charter school offers rigorous academics through a unique and diverse curriculum. The academic program is complemented with a weekly Life Skills program to prepare students for adulthood and their social responsibilities in the world community. We will not give up on students even when they give up on themselves. All graduates must be accepted to college before they can receive their diplomas. Over the years, Boulder Prep has provided the academic and social opportunities needed to transform youth-at-risk into college bound youth-of-promise.