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If you would like to donate to the Colorado Haiti Project that Heatherwood Elementary is helping to raise funds, go to www.coloradohaitiproject.org, mail your donation to:

Colorado Haiti Project
841 Front Street
Louisville, CO 80027
or phone a CHP staff member at 303-938-5021.

View our press release here!


Dear Students and Guardians!
We have seen the pictures and heard the stories following the earthquake in Haiti and we are all wondering “How can we help?”  Mrs. Hayes’ 3rd grade has come up with the idea of a donation campaign called “Just a Buck” in which we will encourage every student to donate just a buck to go towards rebuilding the schools in Haiti.  We have chosen to work with the Colorado Haiti Project (http://www.colorado haitiproject.org/), who will use the money to rebuild, refurnish, and reopen schools in Haiti so the children will be able to return as soon as possible.  They are a great local organization that will use the money for what we desire and keep us updated all along the way. 
We had a couple of our students make an announcement this morning to introduce the campaign and we will have announcements every morning next week to remind everyone that they can make a difference in the lives of Haiti’s children by donating just a buck.  Please consider donating a dollar (or more) any day next week and bring it in and give it to your teacher.  We will also be creating a website, making a video, and challenging the other schools in BVSD (and more!) to join in, so look for that.
Kids often feel helpless and like they don’t have the power to help and we are hoping that this will be a way for kids to unite and each help in a small way to make a big difference.  It’s just a buck to you and me, but to a child in Haiti it could change their life.
         Becky Hayes and Lindsey Williams

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