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BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment

Kindergarten ​Enrichment (KE) offers  fee-based,  licensed child care programs which are inclusive, caring communities that complement the BVSD Kindergarten program and allow children to have a full school day experience. Our experienced Specialists and staff provide exemplary learning experiences and exciting opportunities for growth. We create a joyful, dynamic community of lifelong learners who explore new ideas and interests together. We build social skills and facilitate learning using children's natural curiosity, imagination, and thinking skills.

Kindergarten Enrichment supports the concept of

educating the whole child through play. Through the

medium of play, children use their newly gained skills

and resources to construct an understanding of the

world around them. The expansion of social-emotional

skills and creativity builds a foundation that is the key

to educational success.     


Our program emphasizes:                                                           

  • a love of learning

  • creating a community that values positive regard for self and others

  • building social skills and healthy friendships

  • experiencing the joy of shared accomplishments through learning to work cooperatively with others

  • appreciating diverse opinions and ideas

  • building skills and confidence in creative expression

  • exploring a wide variety of materials in the creative arts, including visual arts, dramatics, movement, music and writing

  • opportunities for imaginative play, storytelling and many literacy-based activities

  • experiencing the pleasure and appreciation of children’s literature

  • development of a solid foundation for success in learning throughout life


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