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Language Development

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Language Development Department

Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • Equity must serve as the foundation for all we do.

  • Partnerships and trust between educators and families are critical to student success.

  • It is critical for educators to understand and honor the language acquisition process and implement best instructional practices to ensure student success.

  • All students bring a wealth of linguistic and cultural experiences that contribute to and support their learning in BVSD.

  • Educators must build upon students’ assets to ensure their educational success.  

  • We believe all educators are teachers of language and impact the experience and success of emerging bilingual students.

  • All students, educators, and families benefit from being part of a diverse learning community.


Learn about the World Languages offered in our schools.


Learn about the requirements and application process for graduating students to receive a
Seal of Biliteracy



Meet Our Team

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Kristin Nelson- Steinhoff              Yamil Herrera                           Julie Benmellah

Director of Language Development         Department Support                        Language Development Specialist

720-561-5183                                    720-561-5214                       720-561-6171

kristin.nelson-stein@bvsd.org               yamil.herrera@bvsd.org                julie.benmellah@bvsd.org

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Dr. Barbara Dray                           Meghan McCracken                  Dr. Wendy Sparrow

Language Development Specialist           Language Development Specialist      Language Development Specialist

720-561-5512                                           720-561-6030                                      720-561-6039

barbara.dray@bvsd.org                       meghan.mccracken@bvsd.org          wendy.sparrow@bvsd.org

For staff assignments and responsibilities for 2018-19 see this document.