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BVSD Lifelong Learning Summer Camps

Not The Same Old Summer Camp

The euphoria of the final school bell on May 26 will be quickly tempered with the task of filling 81 summer days before school starts again. Modern summer camps are a far cry from the traditional "watch out for poison ivy" free-for-all, and provide the perfect way to fill the gaps between family vacations and camping trips. Here are five reasons to try one with BVSD Lifelong Learning:

1. Try something new. In addition to popular sports and art options, campers can now share their voice in a podcast production camp, develop their own business in the Dream Tank Lab or create a video in a Mobile Maker. Now, camp can be fun and a defining experience for future paths.

2. Reinvent yourself. In school, a child might be pigeonholed as an athlete or a brain. What better way to try out a new identity as an actor or musician? Try it for five days and decide whether to keep going or move on to something else.

3. Escape the screens. Whether they are chasing a pickleball or making sushi dumplings in a professional kitchen, minds and bodies are guaranteed to be engaged at camp. For five days they can leave the couch and their glazed over look behind.

4. Build self-esteem. The controlled and safe environment of a structured camp promotes independent accomplishment without worrying about competition or evaluation.

5. Combat “there’s nothing to do” syndrome. With 110 camps in 26 categories, you can do something new every week and not even make a dent in your options. From 3D printing, to biking skills, to LEGO®s or Goat Play, the possibilities are endless!

Make this a summer of new adventures, friendships and unbridled imagination! You’ll wish you had another 81 days to fill.

Mastering Life's Transitions With Learning

Mastering Life's Transitions With Learning

Educational transitions mirror our personal growth from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. As we progress from elementary to secondary and eventually out of the school system, our success depends on how we approach learning. Grabbing the reins and guiding our educational path will always take us further than waiting for instruction.

Entering elementary school brings a new world of structured days, academic progression and new environments. Children often feel overwhelmed and anxious as they adapt to their new routine. Burning off steam after school with musical or artistic creative outlets can ease this transition while teaching new skills. Other fun classes like biking, magic and theatre provide enriching activities while instilling important classroom skills such as following directions and working in groups. In between school years, summer camps offer a fun way to keep young minds active from June to August.

As adolescents make the next transition to secondary school, they are faced with larger schools, increased personal responsibility and pressure to maintain good grades. Giving them a chance to tackle subjects not offered at their school is one way to help them find an identity in their new surroundings. Cutting-edge topics like 3D printing, virtual reality and entrepreneurial innovation provide project-based options that will supplement their core learning and could lead to lifelong passions. Igniting a spark outside of the classroom can also improve their attitude toward school and learning.

Once students graduate from school and enter the working world, it is easy to stop trying to learn. Yet, the importance of gaining new skills and keeping your mind active never stops. Painting or mastering the harmonica may not seem relevant to your job, but awakening your creative spirit can translate into better ideas and productivity in any line of work. Learning a new talent with your kids can be a great way to connect and have fun together. There is no end to the ways you can improve yourself and have fun along the way.

Whether you are turning 5 or 55, staying proactive with your thirst for knowledge will serve you well and smooth life’s transitions. Enroll in your next adventure today with BVSD Lifelong Learning!

Promoting a Love of Learning

Promoting a Love of Learning

A great way to support your student’s academic success is to develop their love of learning. You can start by letting them choose a new topic to explore outside of their usual classroom. This lets them learn because they want to and allows their curiosity to guide their growth.

BVSD’s Lifelong Learning offers a way for kids to expand their knowledge without having to worry about grades or homework. The courses engage kids in fun topics that provide an alternative to passive habits. Instead of playing mind-numbing video games, they can develop their own (Codingwith Kids). Instead of going out to eat, they can learn to cook their own healthy and tasty meals (StickyFingers Cooking). Instead of listening to their favorite songs on their headphones, they can learn to play their own music (MyMusic Skool). Taking on any new subject will supplement a student’s regular schoolwork and make them a better learner.

To become even more involved in your child’s educational growth, try taking a class with them. In Lifelong Learning’s new adult/child classes, both of you will learn and have fun together. With subjects in art, dancing and cooking, everyone can find something they enjoy. Parents that make a continual effort to learn are great role models for their kids.

Exposure to new activities and topics can only help your child grow. They might find their new favorite thing, and if not, they can move on to the next experiment.