Community Access Mentoring

CAM Program

 Program Description

The Community Access Mentoring (CAM) program was developed by Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) to assist middle school students and their families in effectively identifying and participating in pro-social after-school programs and services. In selected schools, volunteer Access Coaches, trained as mentors, are available to meet with youth who have been identified through interest surveys, parents and school personnel. These are students who would benefit from after-school and summer program participation and mentoring. In addition, Access Coaches will provide follow-up contact with youth, parents, and afterschool and summer programs to ensure follow-through and an effective match.

 Program Goal

CAM's mission statement: "Guiding, empowering and inspiring youth by providing school-based mentoring and afterschool program connections."

The goal of the Community Access Mentoring Program is to provide well-trained Access Coaches for BVSD and some private middle school sites. The volunteer Access Coach's role is to build relationships and connect middle school students to structured after-school and summer community programs, in order to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors associated with positive youth development.

 What Makes CAM Unique?

The innovative design of the Community Access Mentoring Program differs from other mentoring programs, by adding the additional supportive elements of after-school and summer programs for youth in middle school. CAM was created to enhance opportunities for middle school youth in Boulder County by combining school-based mentoring with afterschool program access.