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Principal's Message
At Aspen Creek PreK-8, we offer students a rigorous academic program in a safe learning environment, supported by a rich curriculum and a very strong staff. Art, music and P.E. at the elementary level and the exploratory/elective program at the middle level are outstanding. In grades 6–8, we have a true middle school with teaming, advisory, and exploratory programming for young adolescents. Additionally, our facility is equipped with “state of the art” technology.

We have been working hard, Kindergarten through Eighth grade, to implement literacy instruction that fosters critical thinking for all students. We also have a full-time literacy specialist. We offer reading and academic support classes for struggling readers and writers at the middle level. Additionally, Aspen Creek provides quality job-embedded staff development for teachers.

At Aspen Creek, we are a community of learners, each of us a learner. As educators, we learn from one another, gleaning from the strengths of our colleagues to increase our own capacity as professionals. Parents are valued members of our instructional team. We share knowledge and experience with our parent partners, while we learn from parents about the important individual needs of our students. No one knows our students better than their parents.  When all the adults in our community are engaged and excited about learning, we create a powerful model for our students. Both adults and children are attracted to activities that give them energy. At Aspen Creek, we believe learning is our greatest source of energy.

Realizing this vision begins with hiring the very best teachers and supporting them as lifelong learners in their craft. Teachers at Aspen Creek have a variety of ongoing opportunities for professional development. The energy that comes from our own professional growth is contagious and will benefit students through improved instruction. Workshops and classes are important, but our aim is to expand our professional development opportunities by learning from each other in real life instructional situations and through rich professional dialogue. At Aspen Creek, we are creating a school culture where there is support for learning at all levels.

Our students and staff have worked exceedingly hard to earn our standardized test scores. We are very proud, yet we understand there is more to a comprehensive education than what’s measured on these assessments. We also were awarded the national PTA “School of Excellence” certification! This gives us great cause to celebrate the dedication of our PTA, the partnership with our parents, the excellence of our staff, and the achievement of our children. We are proud of this honor and should all feel validated in our efforts to create a “School of Excellence” for our children here at Aspen Creek K-8.

Tracy Stegall