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Program Characteristics

Our instructional program mirrors BVSD curriculum with a special emphasis on academic excellence, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

At Aspen Creek K-8 we:

  • Build long-term relationships with families.
  • Work with students longitudinally over nine grade levels.
  • Provide one-stop convenience for families.
  • Support young adolescence in a true middle school with teaming, advisory, and exploratory programming.
  • Help young adolescents build confidence as mentors, tutors and leaders.
  • Create ease of transition to middle school.

Programmatic Offerings:

  • Literacy (Reading and Writing)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education
  • Technology
  • Middle Level Advisory
  • Middle Level Exploratory
  • Middle Level Teaming
  • Athletics
  • Clubs
  • Middle Level Socials
  • Talented and Gifted Education

Special Programs and Opportunities

We believe that extracurricular and after-school activities allow students to grow physically, socially and emotionally during their formative years. In addition, these activities offer short, exploratory opportunities in recreational activities that may become lifelong skills. We strongly recommend all Aspen Creek K-8 students involve themselves in at least one extracurricular program during the school year. Being involved in activities positively impacts a student’s school experience.

Aspen Creek K-8 offers a wide array of before-school, after-school and lunch-time clubs and organizations during the school year.

Clubs, Organizations, and Activities:

  • Student Council
  • Art Club
  • Geography Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Math Club
  • School Musical
  • Chess Group
  • Drama Club
  • Yearbook

School announcements and “The Howl,” our parent newsletter, provide information to students and parents about these activities. Since our opening, we have continued to add to our offerings to students, especially for our K-5 students. Student involvement in the total school program is a factor in a student’s success in her/his future endeavors.

Aspen Creek K-8 offers the following sporting events outlined in the Middle Level Activities Council (MLAC) for our middle level students:

6th-8th Interscholastic Sports: Students compete in events with other Boulder Valley Middle Schools.

  • Wrestling (Coed)
  • Track (Coed)

8th Interscholastic Sports: Students compete in events with other Boulder Valley Middle Schools.

  • Football (Coed)
  • Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball
  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Soccer (includes 7th)

6th & 7th Intramural Sports: Seventh-grade students practice and have one culminating event with other Boulder Valley Middle Schools.

  • Flag Football (Coed)
  • Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball
  • Girls’ & Boys’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ & Boys’ Soccer