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May 25, 2010

 Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley
Board of Education
Ken Roberge, President
Jim Reed, Vice-President
Laurie Albright, Ed.D., Treasurer
Jennie Belval
Helayne Jones, Ed.D.
Tom Miers
Lesley Smith, Ph.D. 

Boulder Valley
School District
Christopher King, Ph.D.,

Newsletter Editor:
Allison Metz

A message from Superintendent Chris King - BVSD graduates 2,114 members of the Class of 2010
Boulder Valley School District celebrated as commencement ceremonies took place for 10 of our 12 high schools last weekend. Justice High graduates will commence Friday afternoon and New Vista graduates will commence on Saturday morning. Each graduation was or will be attended by a school board member and a member of my cabinet or me.

In this way, district leadership congratulates each of our 2,114 members of the BVSD Class of 2010. These students make up the newest group of BVSD “New Century Graduates.”

A BVSD New Century Graduate is an individual who “has the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that will make this world a safer, more thoughtful and more inclusive place in which to live.” Each of these young men and women has met this high standard.

Impact on Education logoCrayons to Calculators Season is Here!
Principals have submitted their requests and we are going to need 4,300 backpacks filled with precious school supplies for students in need for the start of the next school year. We can use your help in a number of ways:

  • Get the word out to your schools and neighborhoods and encourage our community to support these students.
  • Supply lists and drop-off locations are listed on our new website.
  • Ask your faith-based or other philanthropic communities to support Crayons to Calculators. A number of these communities have already taken on our mission.
  • Fill a backpack and take it to a Crayons to Calculators drop off location (visit our new website for details).
  • Make a monetary donation to Crayons to Calculators.
  • Visit our new website for more information and opportunities to help: .

Together, let’s make sure that each and every BVSD student starts the next school year with the basic supplies they need to be successful! Thanks in advance for your support!

Thumb TACs logoSummer PD: *Deadline to apply for ARRA-funded PD is May 28*
We’re fast approaching the deadline to register for ARRA-funded PD which is May 28. Teachers and administrators who are not on contract will be paid a PER DIEM rate for two days of ARRA-funded PD over the summer. People can attend as many days as they want, but they will only be paid for two days.  People must register in AVATAR. There will be no registration at the door.

Farewell From Wendy: I am resigning from TAC after serving as committee chair for the past several years. It has been my honor to represent the concerns of teachers and students in direct, face-to-face meetings with BVSD central office administrators. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have made this volunteer position worthwhile with your encouraging and appreciative comments, notes and emails. Best Wishes, Wendy R. Rochman, M.Ed.

New TAC Chairperson: TAC is fortunate to have David Stewart as the new chair for next year. David is an ESL teacher at Fairview High. If you are interested in serving on TAC next year, please contact Tina Mueh, BVEA Vice President or David to find out how you can become part of this effective and important committee.

MediaCAST now available to teachers, students and staff
MediaCAST photoBVSD’s Information Technology Division is rolling out an exciting new digital resource for teachers, students and staff this year. Called “MediaCAST,” it is basically a digital library of educational videos and cable news broadcasts that can be shown in the classroom or watched on individual computers anytime, on demand. All you need is your BVSD username and password to access these streaming videos and broadcasts from any computer.

Use of this robust system for managing digital content is now possible because of the new BVSD fiber Wide Area Network (WAN) that was installed throughout the district as part of the Bond Program. 

You can use MediaCAST to:

  • Store, manage and deliver modern digital content to all classroom computers. 
  • Deliver over 8,000 educational videos to support our new curriculum essentials. 
  • Bring current events alive by providing cable news broadcasts to any classroom.
  • Participate in professional development trainings remotely, as they take place or afterward.
  • View meetings of the Boulder Valley Board of Education live or later, at your convenience.

Many teachers have already integrated videos and video segments into their classroom to enrich their lessons and engage students. After watching a five minute segment through MediaCAST, a third grader at Crest View said, “The human body came alive for me!"

Next fall, the BVSD instructional technology team plans to sponsor a district-wide lesson design contest and intends to focus on helping teachers load their own teacher- and student-developed video and audio content into the system.

To learn more about MediaCAST and how it fits in with BVSD’s Digital Content Initiative, visit the website.

Or just dive in and see what’s available today in MediaCAST– and check back often, because new items are being added almost every day.

Small Steps to greater SafetyPreventing Credit Card and Identity Theft
The number of people who have their identities stolen every year is growing, and countless more suffer credit card loss or theft. Some simple precautions can help you protect your private financial information and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

  • Make a list of all your credit cards, accounts and memberships and keep it in a safe, secret place (not on your person). 
  • Create unique PINs and passwords (do not use your birth date, name, Social Security number or other easily identified items), and memorize them. 
  • Sign credit cards in permanent ink or write "Ask for ID" to prevent unauthorized use. 
  • Never give a clerk or cashier personal information when using your credit card. By law, you are not required to give out this information. If you are paying by check and the cashier requires a credit card as identification, do not allow the cashier to write down your credit card number on your check. 
  • Watch your card carefully during transactions. Be sure other shoppers cannot read the card. Do not allow the cashier to take your card away from the register, and get your card back as quickly as possible. 
  • Never sign a blank receipt. Draw a line through any blank spaces. Be sure the total box is filled in. 
  • Cancel cards you don’t use. Call the issuer to request that the card be cancelled, and cut up the card in several pieces. Have the issuer verify your request in writing. 
  • Check all account statements as soon as they arrive. Reconcile accounts and resolve any disputes with card issuers, financial institutions and vendors right away. You have the right to withhold payment for any disputed amount without incurring penalty fees until the card issuer can investigate the matter and render a decision. 
  • Use a crosscut shredder to destroy all credit card and ATM receipts, bills and account statements after you have verified their accuracy. Also destroy unsolicited pre-approved credit card applications that arrive in the mail. 
  • Check your credit reports at least once a year. The three nationwide consumer reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) provide free annual credit reports only through annualcreditreport.com, 1.877.322.8228, and Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. 
  • Unless you know and trust the company, never give out any account numbers over the phone. This is especially important if someone else made the call. If you feel the call is legitimate, ask the caller for a number where you can call them back, or ask that they mail you more information. Check with your local Better Business Bureau if you are not sure about the company.
  • Don’t give out account numbers over the Internet unless you know and trust the company and your information is encrypted on a secure website. (The Internet address should start with the letters “https.”)

This information is brought to you by ComPsych® GuidanceResources®. This company-sponsored benefit offers confidential help and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no cost to you or your immediate family. Our Guidance Consultants can assist you with your concerns at 866-519-8359.
Enter your company Web ID: BVSDEAP

BVSD's Going GreenSummer Break for you and the Earth
As you enjoy a relaxing summer, please help the earth take a break too. The following are some suggestions for reducing waste and cutting the use of unnecessary resources over the summer months.

green BVSD logoEnd of the Year Clean Up: As you are preparing for the end of the year clean up, please be mindful of what you are putting in the trash. Many of the items left in lockers and classrooms can be reused or recycled. There are organizations willing to partner with our schools to help collect reusable items and, for example, donate them to schools in need. For information about these options, please contact Ghita Carroll at ext. 5181.

Turn it Off and Unplug it: Turn off and unplug electronic equipment and appliances (faxes, printers, copiers, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, toasters, etc.) that will not be used over the summer months.

Let the Sun Shine In: Turn lights off as you leave your classrooms and let the warm summer sun provide light for the building. 

Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped to greenBVSD by increasing recycling and composting efforts, writing grants to support energy efficiency, renewable energy, outdoor classrooms and more, working to include concepts of sustainability into the curriculum and building projects, supporting alternative modes of transportation and much more. Your efforts are helping reduce the amount of resources we use as a district and save money. More importantly, you are providing essential learning opportunities for our students. 

What is BVSD’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions? 
The first person to send the correct answer to Ghita will win a greenBVSD water bottle.

Board Approvals

  • A $10,000 donation from Crocs to Columbine Elementary School was approved by the board. The shoes will be given to all the students at Columbine Elementary.
  • The board authorized a contract award for Bond Program construction services at Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary School to W.O. Danielson Construction.
  • The board authorized a contract award for construction services for the Nederland Middle/Senior High School Bond project to Bassett & Associates.
  • The board approved the award of program agreements for eight area private early childhood centers to provide preschool programs. The term of each agreement will be for one year, September 2010 through May 2011. Each agreement may be renewed, at the district's sole discretion, for an additional academic period.
      • Preschool providers:
        1. Acorn Preschool
        2. Children's Alley
        3. Children's House
        4. Family Learning Center
        5. Friends and Fun
        6. Louisville Preschool
        7. New Horizon's
        8. Take A Break Lafayette
  • The board approved the self-funded health plan administered by Great-West Healthcare/Cigna, the self-funded dental plan administered by Delta Dental, the renewal of the district's fully insured health plan with Kaiser Permanente, the new Life Insurance and Long Term Disability Plan administered by Standard Insurance, the continuation of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by ComPysch, and the consulting agreement with Gallagher Benefit Services, all for the period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.
  • The recommended courses were approved by the board for the 2010-2011 school year.
    F104 American Sign Language 3
    F105 American Sign Language 4
    S41 Biotechnology
    L100 Senior Literature, Composition and Communication
    V47 Water Foundations
    V48 Essentials of Wastewater Collections
    V49 Essentials of Water Distribution
  • The board approved the action to nonrenew the contracts of the specified licensed probationary employees, including limited term temporary teachers, by adopting Resolution 10-08.
  • The board approved the renewal contract for TEENS, Inc. (Chinook West School).

Hats Off!
Contratulations to this week's Superintendent's Honor Roll recipients:

BVSD students who earned University of Colorado recognition, state athletic championships or statewide academic honors were honored at the May 25 board meeting.

Dana Bakke of Louisville Middle School was awarded the 2009-2010 “Winning Attitude” grand prize by Qwest, FSN Rocky Mountain and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She was selected from a group of 10 finalists who submitted stories explaining how their “Winning Attitude” made a difference in their communities. Louisville Middle received a $2,500 contribution from Qwest, in addition to the $1,000 that Qwest presented to the school when Dana became a finalist.

Fairview High School Class 5A state tennis champions and their coaches were honored:
Kat Pepin, the #2 Singles Champion, is a freshman at Fairview. Kat’s record includes going 10-0 in her matches, winning the Grand Junction, Front Range League, Region 5 tournaments before her state finals opponent 6-3 and 6-1. Kat never dropped a set during regular or post season play this season.

Katie Kuosman, the #3 Singles Champion, also a Fairview freshman, went 10-0 in her matches, winning the Front Range League and Region 5 tournaments prior to winning the state finals 6-0 and 6-1. 

Becca Warren and Megan Moore, the #1 Doubles Champions, both Fairview juniors, played doubles together for the first time this year demonstrating a great on-court chemistry from the beginning. Their three-set defeat of Cherry Creek High in the state semifinal round drew a crowd of hundreds who cheered Megan and Becca’s win to advance to the finals where they went on to win 6-2 and 7-6. They also finished their season 10-0.

Fairview High tennis coaches are: Susan Stensrud - Varsity Coach; Chelsea Moore - Asst Coach; and Justin Dilts - Asst Coach

3200 meter State Track and Field Champion Kelley Robinson was also honored. Kelley is a sophomore at Nederland High School and has already had a distinguished running career with a state championship title in cross country and the 1600m in track & field. Last Friday, she won the state title in the 3200m against a very tough field of women runners.

BVSD History Day state champions and their teachers were honored:
Jessica Piper of Summit Middle School, 1st Place in the Junior Paper category for A Mixed Legacy: The Atomic Bomb. Jessica’s teacher is Sara Thompson.

Rebecca Vickers and Hope Weinstein of Southern Hills Middle School, 1st Place the Junior Group Exhibit category for Skyscrapers--The Sky's the Limit. Rebecca and Hope’s teacher is Zach Crandall.

Annaka Scheeres of Fairview High School, 1st Place in the Senior Paper category for: Aaron Copeland: An Imposed Simplicity, the New American Music. Annaka’s teacher is Robert Peoples.

Zack Wentz of Fairview High School, 1st Place in the Senior Individual Exhibit category for:  Sound Recording: Mid-Twentieth Century Innovations. Zack’s teacher is Leigh Campbell-Hale.

Annie O’Donnell and Ramya Palaniappan of Fairview High School, 1st Place in the Senior Group Performance category for: Charles Grandison Finney: Innovations in Religion and Education That Spurred the Fight for Women's Rights. Ramya and Annie’s teachers are Robert Peoples and Leigh Campbell-Hale.

Al’a Chaker of Fairview High School, 1st Place in the Senior Website category for: The Truth Shall Set You Free: The Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger. Al’a’s teacher is Leigh Campbell-Hale.