Teaching in the Digital Age

What are best practices teaching in the digital age?  

How do we engage digital natives in meaningful learning?  

How can increasing your use of technology make better use of your time?

Blended learning provides a means of personalizing instruction, allowing teachers to accelerate learning as never before.  This course will allow teachers to develop lessons in content approved by instructor using blended/online instructional strategies while exploring and practicing the use of groups to support student and parent relationships. 

Courses are offered at the beginning of Fall and Spring. This course runs a total of 30 hours (plus 15-20 hours on the system to complete assignments) and is delivered in a blended format; some time is online and some time is in person. While you can use any device, you will likely prefer a desktop/laptop for curriculum development. A headset with microphone will enhance your online learning environment. 

BVSD teachers can choose instructional seat time for no cost and salary credit for $25.00. Seat time is usually 1 to 1 CDE credit and can be used for license renewal. To enroll, go to My Passport.  TIDA is a requirement to qualify to teach online courses for BVSD Online and Boulder Universal. However, taking TIDA does not guarantee employment. Teachers interested in applying for positions at BVSD Online and Boulder Universal please see the BVSD Jobs Website for listed opportunities.

Substitute Teachers and External guests are eligible for instructional seat time only, for a cost of $25.00. Seat time is usually 1 to 1 CDE credit and can be used for license renewal. Payments must be made directly to the Online Learning department. Click here to fill out a department form and read instructions on how to enroll and make payments.