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About Our Program

About our Program

The difference between BVSD Online and Boulder Universal.

  • We are a supplemental program available to BVSD students, we do not support non-district.
  • Students can take 1 or 2 extra full semester courses or credit recovery courses to replace grades of "D" or "F".
  • Courses are available Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Courses are supported by an online teacher and online mentor.
  • Students should consult their school counselor before registering.
  • 2018 Transformation Award
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  • Is BVSD's equally accredited, multi-district, K-12 online school.
  • Offers courses that meet the same graduation requirements as the brick and mortar schools courses do.
  • Offers Indistrict full time and hybrid enrollments.
  • Serves a wide variety of students, including kids with individualized learning needs, homeschooled students, as well as students who are pursuing professional lifestyles including athletes, performers, musicians, singers and entrepreneurs.
  • Is available to BVSD students year around and out of district students during the open enrollment period.
  • Has a student lab open 4 days a weeks to work in amongst teachers and tutors.

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