Nontraditional Schools

More About Our Nontraditional Schools

The Boulder Valley School District has something for each and every student. While many students enjoy the great opportunities provided by comprehensive high schools, some students are looking for something different. Our nontraditional high schools offer smaller student bodies and additional academic supports.

Check out all six options offered by BVSD. We have provided a video, a short blurb and a link to their websites below.

Arapahoe Ridge High School

Arapahoe Ridge High School provides a distinctive learning experience that produces talented graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for lifelong learning. Our alternative high school specializes in serving students who are identified as over-aged and under-credit with opportunities for concurrent enrollment with Front Range Community College. 

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Boulder Prep High School

In 1997 the founders of Boulder Preparatory High School saw an opportunity to create a charter high school that would use research-based, alternative strategies to create an innovative college preparatory program. The school would engage youth who were frustrated and disillusioned with the traditional high school environment. Over twenty years later, Boulder Prep still sees disenfranchised youth who have, for a variety of reasons, not made a meaningful connection with their school and/or their education. Here, we offer up the opportunity to find a way of learning that works for all. We put forward our best efforts to engage as many students as possible so that they can be successful, functioning adults in both higher education and the work force. We encourage and support students to value the pursuit of education as a way to improve their own lives. 

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Boulder TEC

CTE Programs at the Boulder Technical Education Center provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits and/or career enhancing certifications, a learning environment that promotes in demand career skills, all while maintaining home high school enrollment and providing transportation. 

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Boulder Universal


BVSD's only mult​i-district online school, offering virtual classes for K-12. We are accredited with the Colorado Department of Education. In addition to having an in person, drop in computer lab where students can meet and complete coursework in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, every student receives quality differentiated content, support from a mentor and counselor, and academic assistance from the best instructors in the online teaching community. 

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Justice High School

The mission of Justice High School is to provide year round college prep education for all enrolled Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley students. Justice High School’s curriculum and program design is ideal for at risk youth who are disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, alienation, or other factors. Justice High provides its students with a structured academic setting with high expectations. Justice High’s philosophy is that these ‘at risk’ youth can become successful if given an opportunity and a structured environment. The school’s program provides instruction using the AP model. Justice High’s educational program will allow students attending full time to finish their high school requirements within two to three years. Justice High School does not discriminate in its hiring practices nor its admission of students. Justice High gives each student the opportunity to grow into respectful adults who will have the knowledge, will, and self-esteem to succeed in college and life. 

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New Vista High School

​New Vista actively engages every student in rigorous learning. Our program includes: high academic and behavioral expectations for all students; personal relationships built on mutual respect with all adults in the building; an adviso​r who supports each student from enrollment through graduation; choices that allow students to shape the educational program to meet their needs and interests; active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings; and significant opportunities to learn in the community. Finally, New Vista has a school culture that values individuals, community and learning with an explicit emphasis on understanding and valuing diversity. 

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