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Battle of the Books

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Battle of the Books is a Quiz Bowl Style Competition for students in grades 3-12. Yes, it is a competition, but the purpose is to foster a love of reading! The goal of Battle of the Books is to teach students how to work together in a group for a common goal, expose them to award-winning pieces of literature, and encourage a high volume of reading inside and outside of the classroom. Students should visit your school Librarian to inquire about joining a team.

Note: Not all competitions are offered at every school. Check with your school to see if these competitions are offered. 

2023 Winners:

3rd grade
1. Peak to Peak
2. High Peaks
3. Superior & Lafayette
4th grade
1. Mesa
2. Lafayette
3. Peak to Peak
5th grade
1. Peak to Peak & Aspen Creek
2. Whittier & Superior
3. Mesa

6th grade
1. Angevine
2. Southern Hills
3. Peak to Peak
7th grade
1. Manhattan
2. Horizons
3. Peak to Peak & Nevin Platt
8th grade
1. Platt
2. Manhattan
3. Southern Hills


High School
1. Centaurus
2. Fairview
3. Broomfield


Photos of the competitions will be posted soon. To share yours, email them as .jpg to Rae Ciciora or Kim Butler.

Final School Teams REGISTER HERE!

After all that reading, student teams have had their school level events to see which teams move on to the district competition. Winning teams from each school need to be declared by their team manager on this form by April 12, 2023.

At this point, it looks like 42 schools will be represented! 

We need more volunteers to help run the event...

Read More about Final School Teams REGISTER HERE!

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